Brooks School Road Park in Fishers Indiana

Residents in the popular Sandstone subdivision live within walking distance of one of the best parks in Hamilton County. Brooks School Road Park has just about everything neighborhood park could offer.

Located on Brooks School Road, just north of 116th Street, this 16.5-acre park boasts two ADA playgrounds. One is geared for children 2-5 years old, and the other accommodates kids as old as 12. An ADA playground simply means that it accommodates kids of all abilities. Parts of the playground are wheelchair accessible, and there are steps as well as ladders to access some of the slides.

Brook School Park playground in Fishers, Indiana
Brook School Park playground in Fishers, Indiana

There are swings that can accommodate older children who can’t sit up on their own. There are also plenty of challenging climbing activities on the playground. My children can easily play there for two hours and not get bored.

In addition to the amazing playground that’s always filled with children, there are wide open fields perfect for playing catch or soccer. The basketball court usually has a pickup game going, and there’s a path that encompasses the park. Along the way of this almost half mile loop, you’ll see Born Learning Trail signs. These signs give parents tips and tricks on how to engage with their young children. Colorful paintings on the sidewalk accompany each stop, and I’d imagine just exploring those would keep a preschooler busy as a parent got some exercise.

For people wanting to spend even more time at the park, there are horseshoe pits, a picnic shelter and restroom facilities. There’s also access to Mud Creek that’s safe for older kids to explore, and younger kids to observe with supervision. On the weekends, you may even find a shaved ice vendor (or two) at the park!

Brooks School Park
11780 Brooks School Rd
Fishers, IN 46032

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