Start Your Own Real Estate Broker Company – $495 /Year

Isn’t it time you owned your own Indiana real estate brokerage. If you are ready to take the next step in your career this should help.

The Technical Stuff

The Indiana Association of REALTORS and RECP have produced Starting a New Real Estate Broker Company (Firm) that should help speed up the process of owning your own brokerage.

Independent, Franchise or Independent with Licensed Trademark

Once you’ve decided to open your own brokerage, you need to decide if you want to go it alone or affiliate with a larger group of companies.

Independent Brokerage – On the surface, this is the least expensive alternative in the short term. However, it is more difficult to obtain business because you don’t have a group of companies in the area promoting a unifying trademark.

Franchise Brokerage – You can achieve almost instant brand recognition by purchasing a franchise. The downside is that the franchise if very expensive. The last time I looked, it could cost as much as $25,000 every 5 years, 6% of your gross sales commissions, and additional advertising fees and more. Also, there are reporting and audit requirements in addition to a 500-page manual you have to follow.  

Independent with licensed Trademark – This is name recognition at a tiny fraction of the cost of a franchise. 

M.S.WOODS Trademark Logo

At a $495 investment per year per broker, we offer the most cost-effective way to be part of a larger organization that has already achieved name recognition in central Indiana and will achieve much more as more brokers use our trademark. No royalties, no percentage of gross commission, no group advertising fees, no junk fees, no financial reporting, and no 500-page franchise manual to tell you how you have to run your business.

Call Mike Woods at (317) 450-0805 with questions and to obtain a copy of our trademark licensing agreement. Let’s do this together. It will be fun.